What BP Doctor can do?

BP Doctor can analyze, measure and track your blood pressure, heart rate variability (HRV), blood oxygen(SpO2), steps, pace count, time spent, calories burned, hours slept and awake time. It also comes with useful tools to improve your everyday life.

What is Blood Pressure? Why is it important?

"Blood Pressure" usually refers to the pressure in large arteries of the systemic circulation. It's important because the higher your blood pressure is, the higher your risk of health problems in the future.

Will BP Doctor display all of the metrics, or do I have to use the app on my smart device to see all of my measurement data?

The smartwatch can be read the last thirty data, for the rest you can only read on the app.

Should I wear it on my left or right side?

Both sides can be used to measure the blood pressure, but there might be some differences between the right and left wrists, please consult with your physician to determine which wrist you should use for the measurements.

What kind of sleep measurements will BP Doctor track?

Total Sleep Time, Deep/Light Sleep, Awake Time.

What kind of activity measurements will BP Doctor track?

Calories burnedRun Speed,Heart rate, Pace Count, Time Spent.

Does BP Doctor have a notifications feature?

Yes, it is. In addition to providing a comprehensive set of health and fitness functions, BP Doctor also comes with useful tools to improve your everyday life.

Can I change the cuffs by myself?

Sorry, the cuffs are not removable or interchangeable.

What kind of batteries are included with BP Doctor?

BP Doctor uses a rechargeable battery and includes a USB charging cable.

How long does it take to be fully charged?

Normally it takes about 60 minutes at room temperature.

I'm a little fat/thin, will it fit my wrist?

The BP Doctor smartwatch fits for 13.5-22cm wrist circumference.

Is the water waterproof?

Due to the special design of the air cuff, the water is not waterproof.